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Welcome to Spiritual Be-ing, the home of all things spiritual. Intuition and spiritual connection through using palmistry, numerology, spirit guide readings, Arch Angel cards, crystal wands, orgonite pyramids and positive energy jewellery.

Spiritual Be-ing offers many services which give you access to discovering and exploring your highest potential through connecting with your intuition, unique abilities and potential.

Through allowing yourself to connect with your innate inner knowledge you can cultivate new ideas, new directions and a new life aligned with your true self. Intuition, passion, and belief in yourself allows you to builds a new world for you and will also inspire those around you to go in search of new directions for themselves.

Anna’s expertise lies within connecting clients to their intuition, inner passion and true potential.

Allow, Trust, Believe and Achieve

Anna is an amazing woman, so humble and down to earth, she helps all those around her with her wisdom and guidance.

Ashley, Tasmania

Anna is very accurate with her readings I had a numerology reading done via email and it was very special to me. Anna is very warm and welcoming.

Andy, Tasmania

Anna is very genuine, down to earth and with true intentions. I instantly felt at ease speaking with her.

Kimberley, Tasmania

Thanks to Anna and her orgonite pyramids, my daughter sleeps much better now and she's loving her big purple pyramid. They really work!

A family friend in Southern Tasmania

Our orgonite pyramids took a while to work, but we all sleep much better now, its amazing... even my awake all night daughter is actually sleeping!

Alias: Tracey from Hobart