Spiritual Be-ing came about through my personal life changes I implemented over the past 25 years to become my true self. The journey has brought me to what I truly want in life and the journey is ever evolving.

I want to share my skills and intuitive knowledge with others to inspire and motivate them to succeed in becoming their true selves and follow their dreams through to becoming reality.

Focus, passion, determination and courage have all become my daily companions. I channel these qualities into my readings, coaching and through my spiritual art.  I want to inspire others to discover and expand their ideas and dreams, step out of their comfort zones and experience a new way of being.


I have always had a love for all things spiritual since my childhood experience with Spirit. Palmistry, numerology, channelling and spiritual art are skills that I have developed over many years of playing and exploring what is out there beyond what we can tangably see and feel.

In November 2014 I completed my studies in Life Coaching through The Life Coaching Academy in QLD and I am now a qualified Professional Life Coach. I am passionate about creativity, intuition and spiritual learning. In my business I combine all of these to create a new way of perceiving ourselves and the world around us.

I am passionate about assisting people to be the best they can be through developing a ‘Can Do’ attitude. When working with me, my clients learn useful strategies, become proactive, maintain a positive outlook and most of all learn to be responsible for achieving their dreams and goals.

I am a self taught intuitive artist of 20+ years who has dabbled in many forms of art medium ranging from pencil, charcoal, oil, acrylic, mixed media, oil paint, pen, oil and soft pastel.

My greatest passion is for soft pastels and their ability to allow flow and movement with tactile contact as I connect with my art work. My spiritual art is an extension of my art skills and intuitive coaching. Spirit guide portraits are a visual medium where I connect with a client’s guide and spirit animal and portray them in a visual form. I then channel useful information for the client which will assist in giving guidance in taking positive steps in personal growth, life direction and managing difficult situations.