Specialising in intuitive connection coaching


Life and Intuition Coaching focuses on developing your intuitive connection and how you can use this connection in your life. Intuitive connection allows you to raise your self awareness, connect with your inner wisdom, boost your imagination and creative thinking and give clarity.

Coaching sessions provide support, help you to define options and use tools, strategies and exercises to increase intuitive connection and maintain positive life changes. 

I work with individuals to develop new perspectives, acknowledge and work through negative beliefs and blocks that may be limiting or hindering their potential. Limiting beliefs, anxiety, self doubt and resistances can all hold you back from creating the life you want.

How does coaching work? 

Coaching provides you with a supportive and confidential environment which encourages you to look at:

• how your intuition connects with you, 

• any obstacles blocking your potential, 

• exploring a range of options, 

• helping you to find a first step to start taking action and

• establishing useful tools and strategies that can be used in maintaining positive life change.  

Success is related to personal commitment. Coaching challenges the client’s present thinking patterns and helps in the development of new positive ways of creating lasting personal transformation. Being open to play and explore new ideas and new perspectives is the first step to personal change.

What to expect: A safe confidential space where a client can express desires and wants, worries and needs. Intuition coaching helps clients to recognise and explore their inner wisdom and step into a more fulfilling life.

Investment: $60 per one hour session. Session packages are available and are designed to suit each client’s needs.

How to book sessions: Contact Anna through email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Contact form on the website in under construction at present) or mobile: 0400896349.

Tap into powerful a new intuitive connection, thoughts and actions that will change the direction of your life to become what you want it to be!

Coaching sessions are held in person, over the phone or through Skype (Skype is a free internet program which allows for audio and visual communication to anywhere in the world (Good broadband connection is essential).