Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides step forward when we are ready to receive information. Guides all have different skills just like us. They come to us to show us new ways to grow and achieve in different areas of our lives. We need to be ready to allow, trust and believe to benefit from their assistance. 

When you think about Spirit Guides what do you expect? Old wise men with beards, angelic beings or floating spirits?
Guides show themselves in many forms - in all ages, shapes, sizes and have different personalities just like us. Some of them talk a lot! Communicating thick and fast, others are more calm, quiet and relaxed. Some guides don’t talk at all choosing to use visuals and symbols instead. They communicate by whatever means they deem will be received the easiest for each individual. Spirit Guides all have different skills; this is why we have so many guide helpers throughout our lives. They come to help with a particular situation, event, new skill or new life direction. When they have completed their task and we have integrated the information they move on to help others in need of their skills and new guides step forward to help us.

Spirit guide portraits are a visual medium where I connect with a client’s guide and spirit animal and portray them in a visual form. Seeing spirit guides through an art medium can be a catalyst towards a better intuitive connection with guides. A vibrant colour picture enables you to focus on your spirit guide and communicate on a deeper level. The spirit guide comes to assist the person in situations where they need guidance and direction.  


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Spirit Animals

Animal spirit guides help you to access a higher consciousness and their guidance can help you to find a new life direction, path or beneficial skill. 
What can you learn from an animal guide to help you in your life? Animals offer another form of intuitive guidance. Spirit animals can inspire and empower you along you life journey. They show themselves to you to offer guidance about characteristics, qualities and strengths that you can adopt to assist in your personal growth.

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Intuitive Art

Intuitive art is connecting with the self at a deeper level than through the thinking mind. Intuitive art is connecting with the spiritual soul part of yourself. You develop a strong relationship with your intuition and allow images and symbols to flow through to your mind to be transferred into reality through an art medium. There are no limits or rules with intuitive art, it all about the inner connection to one’s self. 

My first connection with my intuitive art was through drawing mandalas.
Mandala is a word from the ancient Indian language called Sanskrit. Mandala means ‘sacred circles’. The outer circle represents the wholeness of your outer life and the inner content of the circle represents your inner being. The sacred circles illuminate and create connection with the inner self through intuition. A mandala is the symbolic expression that brings out our inner aspirations, emotions, characteristics, subconscious feelings and images about ourselves through working with colour, shape and design.

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