As part of my business I offer a variety of services:


Spirit guide portraits and readings


Intuition connection coaching



Palm Readings

Palmistry is the study of the lines on your palms and the shape of your fingers and hands. Your hands contain the story of your life. Your palms are a map of past, present and future. Your fingers, thumb and knuckles express your personal traits and characteristics.

How do palm readings work? Your dominant ( the hand you use every day for writing etc) hand shows information about the practicalities of your life –  money, careers, property, travel and relationships. Your non-dominant hand shows information about your emotional aspects – doubts, insecurities and inner feelings.

Why have a palm reading? Palm reading can assist you in knowing which direction to take in your life. You gain insight into your strengths and weaknesses and better understand your unique personality. You gain confidence in sticking to your own thoughts and beliefs and this can improve your overall wellbeing.

Investment: $60 for 45 minute palm reading including some numerology (bank deposit or paypal details given upon reading booking).

Readings can be done in person and you can record your reading on your phone or via email with 5-6 clear photos of your hand – back, front and outer side of hand (edge down the  side of the little finger from finger to wrist).
One tip is to take photos in different lighting – indoors and outside. The clearer the photos the more information can be seen in the hands.

Return time: 3 day turn around time to return your written reading to you.

How to order: Contact Anna through contact form, email at or mobile: 0400896349


 Spirit Guide Readings

Connecting with Spirit Guides opens up a new way of allowing your mind to accept information and guidance. Guides will appear when you are ready to receive guidance within a particular area of your life. Anna’s Spirit Guide Readings offer you a true connection to your guides and what they have to offer you.

How do readings work? You can choose to ask a question BUT Spirit Guides more often will tell you what you need to know, not what you want to know. When you book an intuitive Guide reading with Anna, she will tune into your spirit guides, connect with a relevant guide who is here right now to share information that you can use to help you to expand your life opportunities.

Investment: $60 (bank deposit or paypal details given upon reading booking)

Return time: 3 day turn around time to return your written reading to you.

What to expect: Your personal reading will be clear and honest with detailed practical information that will empower you by providing reassurance, choices and guidance.
No fluffy fanciful notions just truth and helpful information.

How to order: Contact Anna through contact form, email at or mobile: 0400896349



Pythagoras (580 BC – 500 BC) the Greek mathematician is said to be the Father of Modern Numerology. Numerology is an ancient mathematical system which unlocks and helps us to understand the influences of numbers in a person’s life. Numerology states that nothing in your life happens randomly, everything happens for a reason.

Why have a numerology reading?

The birth chart: The basic numerology birth chart helps you to understand your personal traits, strengths and challenges. All of these can assist you in making positive life choices suited to your unique characteristics and personality. You gain confidence in sticking to your own decisions and this can improve your overall well-being and happiness.

Your ruling number: Your ruling number is calculated from your birth date. It can show you personal strengths, skills, talents, weaknesses and which career path which would suit you. This is the most important number in your numerology.

The arrows of personality, strengths and challenges: Each of the arrows defines an area of your life – e.g. 1, 2, 3 = The arrow of the planner, 4, 5, 6 = The arrow of willpower.
These arrows further define areas of strength and weakness ( or challenge) within a person. A numerologist can describe to you areas of improvement which will help a person to improve certain areas of their life.
Numerology can suggest suitable career choices for particular ruling numbers characteristics. This can help people who feel stuck with knowing which career path to take initially or when they want a change and just can decide where to start with finding a new job.

The 9 year cycles

In numerology, we believe that everyone goes through nine-year cycles continuously throughout their lives. Each individual year of the cycle starts from your birth date and finishes on your birth date of the next year. When a nine-year cycle is completed, a new one begins straight away.

Some examples of the positive happenings for each of the years in your nine year cycle:

Personal year one –    Initiate action, new beginnings, independence, personal growth, define identity
Personal year two –    Spiritual development, building relationships, loving energy, emotional control
Personal year three – Self improvement, mind expansion, communication, creativity, talent
Personal year four –   Rest and stability, consolidation of all learnt so far, slow and steady, focus
Personal year five –    Freedom/ adventure, change and transition, development of talent, travel
Personal year six –      Responsibility, home/family and personal relationships, creativity, integrity
Personal year seven – Learning/study and through personal experience, spirituality/internal work
Personal year eight –  Independence, wisdom, financial, integrity, focus, empowerment
Personal year nine –   Peak year of change in home/ job/ friendships, transformation, intensity

The last day of your Personal year nine finishes and on your birthday  – Personal year one starts again – new beginnings in jobs, home, projects, business, passion , personal growth etc.
Sometimes the changes is great and a lot happens, other times it will be small changes that lead or grow into bigger change in the future.




 Intuition Connection and Life Coaching

Coaching is about providing support, defining options and using strategies to increase, intuitive connection, motivation and achievement in maintaining positive life change. I work with individuals to develop new perspectives around beliefs and blocks that may be limiting or hindering their potential. Limiting beliefs, anxiety, self doubt and resistances can all hold you back from expressing your individual ideas in all areas of your life.

What is Intuition and Life Coaching and how can coaching help you?

During your session we can discuss connecting with your intuition and how you can benefit from exploring your inner knowing and use this as part of your everyday life and in following your passions.

Am I the Coach for you?

Discovering the right Life Coach to work with you is important!

I am offering you a:

  • 45 minute taster session

where we will discuss:

  • what life coaching is,
  • what coaching can do for you and
  • we will explore an important issue for you and find tools and strategies that can assist you.

Coaching sessions are held in person, over the phone or through Skype.
Skype is a free internet program which allows for audio and visual communication to anywhere in the world (Good broadband connection is essential).

So, if you’d like to explore whether life  coaching can help you, then try one of my free coaching sessions and see for yourself.

This is a great opportunity to see whether we would work well together and there is absolutely no obligation.

To book your free introductory coaching session, contact me through the contact form,  email at or mobile: 0400 896349